"Orientalism has contributed a lot in the field of Islamic sciences. Like other sciences Orientalists also contributed in the field of Islamic jurisprudence, its origin and early development. Professor Joseph Schacht's writings and conclusions fascinated the modern western mindset. Some aspects of his research findings are appreciable but on the whole He does not represent the facts and realities. Professor Schacht's book "origin of Muhammadan Jurisprudence" become the reference book in European Institutions and received great reception by the Western Intelligentsia. We can find the Schacht's effects on later literature produced by the Orientalism. Muslim Scholarship responded to the Orientalists. Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah, Dr. Mustafa Al-Sibai, Dr.Mustafa Al-aazmi, Dr. Ahmed Abdul hameed Ghorab, Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari and Dr. Ahmad Hasan (responded especially to Joseph Schacht's viewpoint) are Key contributors in this regard. In this article Contribution and Style of Dr. Ahmad Hasan is being discoursed."