"Allah has created Human being with many qualities, among one of them is speaking. Speaking is the best way of communication because of this quality it is possible for teacher, preacher and orator to take maximum work from this ability. Oratory is the very impressive way of talking; our beloved Prophet (PBUH) mostly used this ability for preaching and reforms of society both conceptually and practically. His efforts which took in this regards gave a marvellous result. On the Prophetic way, the companions of Prophet (PBUH) many times used their oratory skills and left much impact on their opponents. But they uses this skill with its true sense and as they taught by the Prophet (PBUH). In every era of Islamic History, Muslim Scholars and saints have been expressing their oratory skills and performed the duty of preaching in a very best and acceptable way. In South Asian History, after the fall of Muslim Regime, there were so many orators; they have took part in every Movement with their oratory skills, especially in Pakistan Movement. In these days, there is a need to prepare a rules and regulations for oratory and speech etc for the consensus of Scholars and Intellectual, so that Orators / Speakers would be able to use this quality in proper way and achieve sufficient result from this skills."