In Pakistan, the greater gains English proficiency promises has led to its usage as a medium of instruction in schools. Based on Krashen’s input Principal, this research compares speaking proficiency of L2 learners taught with the help of summaries, translations and meaning of difficult words in L1 with those who were taught by direct immersion in L2. L2 learners (n=159) aged 25-30 (males and females) from public and private institutions were selected through convenient sampling. They were administered a 25-item questionnaire based on their schooling background. Same students took a speech test identical to British Council IELTS speech test. Two well experienced IELTS Examiners, rated them using British Council rubric for IELTS Speech Test. Correlations were found out using independent sample t test, one-way ANOVA and Post Hoc test. Respondents taught by direct immersion in (second language) L2 scored higher. This research urges teachers to give huge input to the students which will improve their speaking proficiency.