Context determines the meanings of words, sentences, and text. A similar sequence of words can be variously interpreted due to differing contexts. This study was an attempt to investigate 4-word similar lexical bundles in a variety of contexts. The study was aided by the classical code model of Sperber and Wilson (1998) and structural categories of Biber (1996). Two autobiographies of Pakistani politicians, Benazir Bhutto and Pervaiz Musharraf, were analysed for the purpose and were descriptively presented employing a mixed-method approach. The contextual influence of lexical bundles was checked through AntConc3.5. The findings revealed that both the politicians had used similar 4-word lexical bundles contextually. The qualitative analysis of the lexical bundles from both autobiographies revealed that they were used repetitively, but the meanings were not the same each time. The bundles aided in improving the expression of political ideologies of the politicians and proved that the meanings of the bundles were context-bound.