"Pre Islamic poetry was consisted of ruins, defamation, love, eulogy, camels or long journey, stories of tribe life. Style and expression was very crud and primitive. After advent of Islam, Quran became a popular source of inspiration, divinity of Quranic verses totally changed the norms of Arabic prose and poetry. Eminant poets of Arab like Labeed bin Rabeea stopped to say any verse before Surah Al-Bakara and Aal-e-Imran. Factually, Quranic words and phrases have stylistic innovation. Its rhythmic pattern as well as rhymed prose was marvelous. Arabic poets were astonished by the state of the art method of presentation. It has a beautiful combo of prose and poetry. No doubt arabic is an effective medium of communication, but changed trends of past fourteen centuries of arabic poetry proved that Quran expanded scope of arabic linguistics and themes. In this article some pattern of poetry are presented that were infused by Quranic style in the era of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)."


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