Pakistan came into being in 1947 including two separate and distinct entities of subcontinent. There was a huge difference between East and WestPakistan. Before the creation of Pakistan, these both parts struggled together to get liberation from the slavery of the Hindus and theBritish rule. But after the inception of Pakistan the thinking and priorities were totally changed. The true spirit leaders were not so more and the thorn was handed over to the new comer politicians. The role of India is also very crucial in dividing Pakistan into two separate states. India has to take revenge from the Muslims because the Hindus were totally against the creation of Pakistan. They were not happy over the division of subcontinent because they considered that whole of this region belongs only to the Hindus, the Hindus are master and the others are their masses. So there were so many reasons behind the fall of Dhaka. In the present paper some of the important reasons of the creation of Bangladesh have been discussed. The current study id totally based on the secondary data. The researchers collected data from different books, articles,and journal and research papers.