Human Rights are the most debatable issue of the recent age. People living around the globe demand their rights being human beings i.e. the rights or facilities without which human beings cannot live a decent and peaceful life. The concept of human rights was given by Islam during 7th century A.D. while in the West it is related to Magna Carta which was signed in England in 1215. Western scholars claim that concept of human rights was given by the west but the fact is that the last sermon of the Holy Prophet is the first charter of Human Rights. In the west complete charter of human rights i.e. “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” was passed by the United Nations’ General Assembly in December 1966. In the recent times constitutions of almost all the democratic states guarantee human rights but unfortunately minority rights have not been mentioned clearly. Pakistan is a democratic state where all the citizens have been guaranteed all the fundamental rights irrespective of their caste, color, creed or religion. This research paper elaborates and analyzes western concept of human rights, Islamic concept of human rights, minority rights in Islam as well as rights of minorities under constitution of Pakistan.