The relations between Pakistan and Iran have been complex mix of cooperation and peer rivalry. The U.S has made struggle on various angles to convince Iran as a strategic partner to influence the relationship with this state in future. The United States influencing the Iran as a rich policy member in future while the Pakistan is the neighbor of Iran strategically and economically and a good ally of the United States in War on Terrorism. The U.S. drawdown from Afghanistan may lead to greater instability and a vacuum in that country. The Islamic Republic of Iran, one the most powerful regional actors in Afghanistan, is poised to exercise substantial influence there after the U.S. drawdown. In addition, the drawdown may provide Iran with the opportunity to strengthen ties with other powers involved in Afghanistan, such as India and Russia and Pakistan. This attendant scenario will more likely create an atmosphere of uncertainty in the region. This paper will explore the foreign Policy of Pakistan’s towards Iran and the United States, is one of the influencing factors in this regard.