Saraiki and Punjabi languages are regarded as the regional languages of Pakistan. Historically, both the languages bear their own individual linguistic temperament. But there is a conflict that the scholars of the Punjabi language are unwilling to accept the independent status of the Saraiki language stressing Saraiki to be a dialect of Punjabi. It triggered an interesting controversy in which the scholars of both the languages started calling the language of the other to be a dialect. This situation gave birth to a sense of waste and death of their linguistic identity among the Saraikis. As a result, the Saraiki speaking people got up for the preservance of their linguistic identity and struggled in the form of a movement for their national identity, which exists with the name of Saraiki nationalist movement in Pakistan, which is an important ethnic issue in our country today. The present paper will point out the basic reasons of conflict between Saraiki and Punjabi and the researchers will explain the significant differences with the reference of historical and linguistic background and through the grammatical differences.