Since the prestigious period of Muslims, the status of versed persons, has been very symbolic and noteworthy. They have played the role at various prospects and influenced the society through their words and deeds. They established the religious institutes from where the teachers, judges as well as canon lawyers of high level were produced. They have also took part in different social and political movements, introduced the ideas and served the cause of Islam on different horizons. No doubt, their social and religious reforms have brought change in society. Like the other parts of the world, the Pakistani society is rich with a sound number of religious scholars who have utilized their exhaustive struggles for the cause of nation. Maulana Syed Gul Badshah of Toru, Mardan is one of them who earned a due reputation in his time. In this research paper, the services and thoughts of Syed Gul Badshash have been mentioned which will help inculcate the readers his outlook and will be an advantageous addition to the research endeavors.