Shaikh Ahmad Sirhandi is a well-known figure and religious reformer of his time. His major contribution to the Muslim world is that he defended the Muslim beliefs from the Non Islamic thoughts of Jalal – ud-Din Akbar. He succeeded in his mission by writing the letters to the influentials and religious persons. Hazrat Mujaddid Alaf Sani took this adverse condition of Islam and Islamic values to heart and decided to utilize all of his energies for the reformation and revival of real Islamic teachings and values of Quran-o-Sunnah. He continued his strenuous efforts on all forums even after the death of Akbar against all anti-Islamic forces. His revival campaign brought forth positive effects on the government officials, Islamic scholars and mystics of his time and the descendants. He had to go through fires and waters during his struggle facing all ordeals from all sides, Non-Muslims and the prejudice Muslims as well. He spread a wide network of spiritually purified real servants of Islam throughout India and abroad. His disciples and authorized followers accompanied his holy mission during his life time and even after his death. His services influenced all coming leaders and scholars of Islamic sciences very effectively. This article is a brief study of impacts of his revival of Islam on great personalities of the sub-continent.