The homeland security system is a concept born to prevent the threat of terrorism and all types of crime in the urban city structure of the developed world. The power and economy of the globalized world paved the way for safe cites to attain sustainable development through communication technologies and modern strategies. In post ‘9/11’ scenario the world encountered with the threat of terrorism that forced the endangered countries to launch collective efforts against the growing threat of terrorism. The homeland security strategy is a multi-faced task to provide safety and security to our cities and sustain its development. It encompasses the basic principles of partnership, convenience, sharing network, transparency and follow-up. Pakistan is in dire need to opt such strategies of safety and security to sustain its economic development and its citizens’ security. The study will discuss a proposed strategy of homeland security for Pakistan keeping its focus on both approaches security and safety. It also studies the U.S., U.K. and the Indian models of homeland security.