The young generation plays a vital role in the overall development of a nation. Man Power is the back bone of a society which stands the nation on its own feet rather by depending on others. As per then demographic profile of the 2014 the youth population of Pakistan is 60.4% of the whole population which is more than 118489326 persons. It is a huge junk of social age group in a society and have strong duties and responsibilities to be discharged by them. In present times, in doubtfully, youth is the major source of development and their proper thinking and training can assure this development I n a befitting way. These youths are the architects of the future nation. In all the movements of the world youth have a great role not only for running that particular movement but making it successful even? Even the dawat and tableegh of prophets were also made successful by the youth. This paper will address the following areas. • The duties of youth and its principles • Individual and group living and its obligations on youth • The guidelines given by Quran, Sunnah and Islamic jurisprudence • Avoiding these and its complications