This study focuses on suicidal ideation in victims of sexual abuse. Drawing upon semi-structured interviews of thirty victims of sexual abuse in Khyber Pukhtunkhwah, Pakistan, this paper discusses the theme, i.e. domestic violence, including indiscriminate sexual abuse and the abhorring crime of incest, which remains hidden due to aggressively upheld patriarchal norms of women exploitation. The interviews conducted at six different locations, present women's narratives of their untold plight for the first time. The findings of this research show that among the respondents, only those women had strong suicidal ideations who were the victims of incest. Irritation, aggression and self-deprecating behaviour were strong symptoms of their suicidal temptations. Pain, physical and emotional, caused by overwhelming stress in the form of familial and social hatred, social disconnectedness, burdensomeness and the previous history of violence were the main factors that highly escalated their risk factor in committing suicide.