The fundamental objective of the research is to shed light the situation of street children phenomenon in South Asia which is a great loss of human Potential for South Asia. The research is based on descriptive analysis of the data. It is a desk study relying on secondary sources. The data was collected from books, research journals, newspapers, internet, seminars and workshops. The results of the study shows that South Asia is encountering with a lot of challenges i-e Poverty, misery, instability , war, boom of urbanization, loss of cultural values, domestic violence, mental and physical abuse which have erupted the most critical issue that is of, “Street Children” phenomenon. The results depicts that these street children are deprived of their basic human rights and caught up by the cruel clutches of the decree, not allowing them to heave up their mind and heart with many inner most wishes and inclination. They are living in an asphalt life in the streets of south Asia and are in danger of injury, murder, violence, sexual exploitation, rape, drugs, HIV/AIDS, hunger, solitude, contempt and forced labor. Children are considered the heart of social development but a huge precious human potential of South Asia i.e. street children are leading a life without faces and no voices due to which unable to play their active role in the development of South Asia. It is a dire need to propagate the problem of street children at large scale and immediate actions should be taken with the collaboration of public and private sector’s efforts which directly address the root causes of this problem in South Asia and preserve this great human potential.