Corruption has plagued our society from the very beginning. It has been rampant among the ruling plutocracy and powerful bureaucracy unrepentantly. Nationalization and privatization policies of successive democratic governments as well as the intermittent military dictatorships have benefited only a few rich business magnates over the years thereby weakening the very fabric of society. The impact of this large scale corruption among the ruling elite and the resultant disturbance in the society is too obvious not to be noticed. The resultant lack of facilities and amenities for the general masses such as electricity and other means of sustenance have made the lives of people miserable. It has in turn endangered the very safety of our country and its people by causing security problems inside home as well as from the outside. The menace of corruption has got roots and spread into all walks of life in our society. Today our whole society is suffering from this. Individuals have been badly affected by the corrupt practices in society. Almighty Allah has related the story of a Spider and its Cobweb in the holy Qur’an in order to direct our attention to the life of an individual in a Muslim society. In this article, I have examined the prevalent condition of our society and the problems people are facing in our beloved country and their solutions in the light and guidance of the holy Qur’an.