China’s One Belt One Road initiative is interpreted as its quest for playing a decisive and dominant role in international political and economic order. The grand strategy is designed to enhance China’s economic liberalism and hence provide it with the necessary infrastructure needed to pursue China’s global ambitions. In this context China’s neighborhood and the adjoining regions assume central status in projecting and protecting Chinese global ambitions. Central Asian region thus becomes very much important in this connection. The area where interests of China and Central Asian Republics converge need to be analyzed and assessed in order to gauge the degree of importance of the region to China. The areas of common interest range from energy, trade, and security. There are cultural and ethnic linkages between the two regions and a shared history above all makes a perfect scenario for fostering strong strategic relationships. This paper attempts to explore and analyze the prospects for cooperation between the two regions in the broader context of China’s grand strategy manifested in its ambitious “One belt One Road” initiative.