Since the self-determination fromthe British foreign rule, Myanmar (formerly recognized asBurma) has been facing the crisis of ethnic identity and historic discrimination. The main issue rooted between varied minorities and the central government is ofethnic identity conflict. The Rohingyas are the most persecuted minority in the world unable to claim their citizenship under the Burmese 1982 Citizenship Law, legalizingthat the protection and security of these minorities is not the responsibility of the central government of Myanmar as they are not recognized as a minority. Despite the shift from military rule to the democratically replaced government of N.L.D., the inter-state ethnic conflict continues to evolve overtime. The objective of this paper is tolook back into the history of ethnic crisisin Myanmaralong with keeping an eye on current situation of human rights violations against the dwellers of Rakhine state after they are stripped from citizenship by the Myanmar government.