After the Renaissance, right of expression and freedom of press got in vogue, particularly in the West which diminished the established perception about blasphemy; subsequently the laws against blasphemy became dormant. During the last two decades, incidences of blasphemy particularly against Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are being happened off and on in the West, generated anger in Muslims. They presume that it has been deliberately done to ridicule and demonize Islam by the Christian dominant society. These countries always take refuge behind democratic values, right of expression, and freedom of press without realizing sensitivity of the matter for Muslims. This kind of frustration in Muslims has made some of them intolerant and extremists. Thus can trigger violent incidents and escalate tensions between the West and Muslims. If this situation persists a confrontation between the two civilizations seems evident which can make life of Muslims in Christian dominant Western countries difficult and vice versa. The delicacy of situation demands to revisit the concept of freedom of expression and no religion or faith should be ridiculed on the pretext of right of expression to keep the world peaceful and secured for all.