The present research aimed at exploring the relationship between academic motivation, learning climate (Autonomy supported) and academic boredom among university students. In addition to this it aimed at confirming the mediating role of learning climate in relationship between intrinsic motivation and academic boredom among students studying in Universities of Pakistan. For the present study data was collected from 399 university students. The age of the sample ranged from 17 to 35 years (M = 21.45, SD = 2.40). Reliability coefficients of all the variables ranged from .65-.89 (Class Related Boredom Scale = .89, Learning Climate Questionnaire =.88, Academic Motivation Scale = .82, Intrinsic Motivation = .81, Extrinsic Motivation = .81, and A Motivation =.65). Further correlational analysis indicated a negative relationship of classroom related boredom with learning climate and intrinsic motivation. However, class related boredom was found to have positive relationship with extrinsic and a motivation. Learning climate (autonomy supportive) showed positive relation with intrinsic motivation. Based upon literature, mediation analysis was carried out which confirmed the mediating role of learning climate (autonomy supportive) in relation between intrinsic motivation and academic boredom. In the light of existing literature, findings were discussed, and suggestions were given for future researches.