Currently, the South Asian region is considered as one of the most conflict prone regions of the world. The enduring rivalry between Pakistan and India, the two door-to-door states, is a source of bitterness in the region. Pakistan and India’s self-determination and their subsequent split into two sovereign states from the imperialistic rule of Britons have implanted the seeds of lasting conflicts between the two. The British scuttled its responsibilities almost overnight and left in its wake the two newly born countries that were previously united by hatred and animosity for each other. But woefully enough, they both could not live in harmony even as sovereign states. They continued to harbor their relations with each other through the narrow prism of suspicion, hostility, hatred, and the sense of otherness. The political differences, inherent disputes, and the war of words has never been lightened in the whole history of Indo-Pak relations as both of them do not miss any chance of blaming each other. Their geopolitical relations became worse day after day. The decades of conflict have also encompassed three major wars and several near conflicts, which roped in an intense nuclear arms race in the region. Furthermore, in the post 9/11 era, both the states has been indulged in accusing each other for inculcating and implanting terrorism in each other’s countries that partook in estranging the bilateral relations further. The objective of this paper is to look into the intractable conflicts between India and Pakistan that have been the source of acute bitterness in the region and the conflict resolution mechanism for them.