The present study aimed to see the predictive role of personal growth initiative and self esteem for academic achievement among students of technical training institutes. Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (Rosenberg, 1965) and Personal Growth Initiative Scale (PGIS, Robitschek, et al., 2012) were used for data collection. The sample of 150 students from five different technical training institutions of Sargodha city was selected through purposive sampling. Pearson correlation and regression analysis showed that subscales of personal growth initiative i.e., planfulness and intentional behavior, along with self-esteem has significant positive correlation with academic achievement however, only planfulness and self-esteem were found to be the significant predictor of academic achievement. T-test analysis revealed significant gender differences in terms of academic achievement and self esteem, however with reference to personal growth significant differences were found only in use of resources where as all the other features showed no difference across gender.