The current paper attempts to analyze the morphological processes performed on Urdu verbs within the theoretical framework of Word and Paradigm approach (WP approach). Although WP approach was designed to discuss the inflectional morphology of Fusional languages, it is observed that it is also very helpful in the construction and examination of Urdu verbs that have both fusional and agglutinative characteristics. Moreover the morphological processes on Urdu verbs are discussed with the inflectional as well as derivational paradigms. The study concludes that the WP approach provides an effective paradigmatic set of patterns, although there are some limitations as well, for the inflectional and derivational morphology of Urdu verbs. The research aspires to make its contribution through the application of WP approach to analyze and evaluate the inflectional as well as derivational processes of Urdu verbs. The beneficiaries of the study are the students and researchers in the field of inflectional and derivational Morphology.