Indeed! Childhood is the most critical stage for proper moral development of children. During this stage, the development of personality traits occurs, such as physical, psychological and moral characteristics. Neglecting socialization duty may cause many problems and consequences in their personality at later stages. Islam encourages parents to educate their children for good deeds and abstain from wicked and evil deeds. If the children failed to do so and grew up to ten years of age, they may be slightly punished for socialization. Islam makes smacking permissible for children with specific limits and recommends parents and teachers observing them while implementing. The teachers are supposed to be more conscious regarding the punishment of their pupils; however, usually they do not follow the Islamic guidelines in this regard in academic institutions, even sometimes in Islamic Schools. Therefore, the teachers have to observe the guidelines prescribed by Islamic Shariah to socialize and discipline the children and eradicate incidents of severe punishments. This paper discussed the limitations of disciplining and socializing the children from the standpoint Islamic Sharia. In this article, the significant parts of various conventions on the rights of children are discussed.