This research is focused on the causes and the consequences of convicted women in their families during their sentence. Particularly in society woman has been the foundation stone of a family since the beginning of world. Especially in Pakistan, a woman is seen as preserver of social norms, traditions, customs, morality and family cohesiveness. In the present world it is gloomy to see that women's achievement is also getting extend towards criminality in the social, culture, economic and political milieu of Pakistan. The present study is going to be explaining that the number of factors i.e. large family size, poor economic status in male dominating society, poor law and order agencies and corruption all are the major factors associated with women's criminality. Current research is based on detailed interviews that were conducted by the researcher herself in face_x0002_to-face interaction with the women Prisoner after the permission of I. G Prisons, Punjab, Pakistan. Interview guide was developed for the collection of data by prisoner women and data was analyzed through narrative analysis and Content analysis.