India and Pakistan are two next-door neighbors in South Asia, with drastic conflicting and hostile relations. Since the independence of both countries in August 1947 from British rule. Both countries have fought many wars on the territorial dispute of Kashmir, which is one of the root causes of conflict between two countries. Instead of resolving different issues between them through conciliation, diplomacy and dialogues, they have resorted to the use of different strategies, both offensive and defensive, in different times, to resolve different issues between them including Kashmir issue, informally, through the use of force. Indian’s Cold Start Doctrine (CSD) is one of those strategies which is aimed to gain limited Military-cum-political objectives by making shallow penetration into Pakistan. The existence of proactive strategy like Cold Start Doctrine (CSD) can engulf the whole of South Asian region, which is strategically important and most vibrant region in the world. . This research paper will bring to light all the elements and Modus Operandi of Cold Start Doctrine (CSD) and possible response from Pakistan and defense capability of both countries.