CPEC has become an important concern in South Asia with special reference to Pakistan-China relations. Pakistan and China are very close friends and history shows that both of these countries helped each other in all circumstances. Currently both of the countries are coming closer again with the development of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China proposed this corridor in 2013 which was accepted by Pakistan later and formally memorandums of understandings were signed between the representatives of Pakistan and China. CPEC will be beneficial for both Pakistan and China. It will develop the backward areas of Pakistan like Baluchistan and in return China will get a straight and shortest road to bring oil from the Middle East. On the other hand, India is totally against the development of CPEC and putting hurdles in different ways to halt this corridor at any way. India is speaking firmly against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor at every forum and trying to derail it politically, diplomatically and through terrorism.


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