The present research was conducted to find out home chaos as a predictor of behavioral and peers problems among young children. Sample consisted of 80 children (40 girls and 40 boys), with an age range of 3 to 7 years (M = 5.32, SD = 1.26). It was hypothesized that children from families reporting high chaos would show high levels of behavioral and peer problems. Confusion, Hubbub, and Order Scale-Urdu (Shamama-tus-Sabah & Gilani, 2006) and Strengths and Difficulty Questionnaire (Goodman, 2001) were administered to measure home chaos, behavioral and peer problems and prosocial behavior respectively. Correlation and Hierarchical multiple Regression was run to analyze the data. Home chaos was found to be positively correlated with children’s behavioral and peer problems. Moreover it was also found to be a significant predictor of behavioral and peer problems and prosocial behavior among young children. Implications and limitations and suggestion for future research have been discussed.