Child labor is an important area when it comes to the rights of the children. Similarly, South Asian countries are also suffering from this phenomenon. SAARC has taken many initiatives like SACG (South Asian Coordinating Group on Action) and SAAGN (South Asian Alliance of Grassroots NGOs) to eradicate this problem. Child labor is a major social issue that is encountering the social fabric of Pakistan as well. Child labor at brick kilns is most common in Pakistan along with child labor at minor workshops. However, it is yet to be determined which form of child labor is most threatening and has bad effects for the children and society. The current study explores to what extent and to what sectors the menace of child labor is rooted in Pakistan. The study is based on the secondary data collected by the Labor and Human Resource Department Government of the Punjab from district Jhang in connection with the project of eliminating worst forms of the child labor. The study concluded that child labor is present in four major sectors namely mechanical, agricultural, industry and general labor. The working hours and conditions vary a lot. Power looms and agricultural sector is the worst and most affected sector of child labor. The study implies that unawareness regarding the legality of child labor is a major issue in controlling the child labor. The government and local organizations should take up the challenge and work to eradicate this social evil.