This exploratory study investigated the benefits of social media and to enhance knowledge sharing in the healthcare settings along with identification of challenges and possible solutions. Furthermore, the study elaborated the orientation of doctors about social media applications and in-role and extra-role knowledge sharing in their work settings. Fifteen semi-structured and non_x0002_directive interviews with the doctors in healthcare institutions operating in Southern Punjab, Pakistan were carried out under constructionism perspective. The interviews resulted in five major themes. The social media applications were found to advance knowledge sharing by promoting job related information transfer and voluntary sharing of tacit knowledge and experiences among doctors. Furthermore, the challenges faced in using social media as a knowledge sharing mechanism, and suggestions for improvement of its use among doctors were also brought to surface. The results added to the existing literature on social media and knowledge sharing in light of ‘dynamic theory of knowledge creation’ and ‘social network theory’. This study offered beneficial practical insights for practitioners and management of healthcare organizations for promotion of knowledge sharing through social media applications.