Debate about inevitability of space is getting weaponized and a focal issue. Introduction of 3rd and 4th generation of warfare concepts have blurred the conventional warfare a bit further. Destruction associated with lethal weapons on earth have made the great powers’ policy makers to think differently and find out the means to enhance their strategic ends by exploiting the technological edge they have over rest. Outer space weapons are expected to be the mean for seeking and maintaining great power status and maintaining it too. The US President; Trump has already shown his willingness to exploit outer space as a domain to ensure safety and security of the US mainland. The US approach under Trump Administration has rung the bells among the US strategic competitors like, Russia and China who view the development against the normative status of outer space i.e. common heritage. Similarly, in the South Asian context, India has been looking for its great power status since its inception in 1947. India, under the leadership of nationalist government, has shown its resolve to exploit its outer space edge in the South Asian region to meet its long awaited end of becoming a great power. However, it is, easier to than to do, Indian major power status through use of space control would be counter-productive for its neighbor – Pakistan, who feels existential threat from it. Thus introduction of space weapons in South Asian security calculus would negatively impact upon strategic and deterrence stability of the region.