Personality traits of young adults play an important role in their stress tolerance, which may encounter their daily functioning. The present study investigated the relationship between personality traits, stress, dissociation, and sleep-related experiences. It was intended to find out the mediating role of stress between neuroticism personality trait and sleep-related experiences and the predicting role of dissociation on sleep-related experiences. A purposive and convenient sampling technique was used to collect as sample of 657 young adults including 312 male and 345 female within the age range of18-26. The Big Five Inventory (John et al.,1991), Perceived Stress Scale (Cohen et al., 1983), The Dissociative Experiences Scale–II (Carlson & Putnam, 1993), and Iowa Sleep Experiences Survey (Watson, 2001) were used to measure the study variables. Inter-Scale correlation showed significantly positive relationship between neuroticism stress whereas, significantly negative relationship between extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness personality traits. Regression analysis for mediation indicated that stress mediates the relationship between neuroticism personality trait and dissociation. While linear regression showed that dissociation significantly predicts sleep-related experiences among young adults. Thus, the present study helped in extending the research on the dimension of dissociation and sleep-related experiences among young adults.