The objective of the current investigation is to analyze Quaid-e-Azam’s speech in the First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan through Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). It attempts to ascertain the hidden ideological meanings of his words for the newly born state namely Pakistan. Qualitative methodology has been used for the current study. Although there are different models for CDA as those given by Van Dijk, Wodak and Fairclough yet for the present study the model of Fairclough has been used. The data was analyzed qualitatively by using content analysis approach. The results drawn from the current study reveal that Jinnah wanted to make Pakistan a liberal, democratic, just and impartial state. It also seems that he was fully aware of the social problems like law and order situation, corruption, bribery, black-marketing, nepotism and jobbery, so he persuaded the members of Constituent Assembly of Pakistan vividly to initiate a war against these evils. The study has its theoretical and practical implications.