Corruption is beyond an evil, it is violation of regulations of the country, abrogation of rule of law and devastation of rights of those who are living depressed. It saps the energies, abilities and capabilities of the population in general and those of who are honest, sincere in particular. The causes and factors of it lay in political, social and economic mechanism of that particular society in general and in present scenario it provokes behind the process of globalization. It is an after effect of universalization of globe and globalization of population of the universe. The spread of corruption is easy but to control and root it out from the social network is difficult and somehow impossible. Once a social disease is caused to affect its paraphernalia cannot easily be removed from values of society easily. It will take time to make available benefits of justice to all the segments of society with equilibrium and realize its impact on those segments of society. Causes of corruption can be tackled one by one to make the society pure. However, it is noteworthy that one hundred percent eradication of corruption and poverty from society in not possible. By using all means it should be reduced to minimum possible level, so that society does not get affected from it at large. The corruption may not block the benefits of socio-political and economic progress to reach the poor, downtrodden, feeble and special segment of society. In democratic set-up a strong independent system of accountability is a necessity, with the people, in-charge, who have viable integrity and honesty. Their loyalty to the nation should be beyond the limits of forces that stratify society on the basis of class, creed, and religions or sects etc. They may have clear, objectives based on logic and sound reasoning with the spirit of religiosity working as a dynamic forcein perspective. Society can survive for long without corruption, a corrupt society end at its own and fall in the hands of powerful, free of corruption societies. It is the first most responsibility of government to avoid cancer of corruption, politician can do it but they need it to an extent. Individuals with the help of administration and with political will can, also, do this job in a better way; only and only if political forces do not snub and discourage them. As weak politician take it as a check on their polity. Eradication of corruption and poverty requires a joint struggle and strong national will with honesty to achieve the target.