Allah has sent man to this world for a limited period of time. He has granted man the strength and quality of exploring this charming and beautiful universe .Each and everything has been subdued and brought under subjection for him, so that he may be able to lead an easy and comfortable life on earth .The man has been making his life luminous with new and more inventions but at the same time, these invention have damaged the natural environment greatly which is impressable to a great extent .The man is confronts with a grave challenge of climate changes, this climate change is because of the lustful nature of man .That’s why now a days global warming and ozone layer damage are the hot topics of discussion among the scientist and other converned. These problem have been caused by industrial development and scientific inventions .Maqasad e shariyat offer its solution by taking the reasonable and measures.It means that, everything which is harmful consequently, will be considered harmful and damaging. Maqasad e shariyat embodies (Daroriyat) Necessities (Hajiyaat) and emblishment (Tahseniyaat) which provide safety to human life. The labor and the damage of man’s life is and in addition the character and morals of man are improved and nourished. For industrial growth, it is inevitable that it should not damage the environment and its inhabitants. So all those people, companies and institutes must be banned and be held accountable who enhance the hazards of climate. Due to this not only in the man’s own existence but also the production of crops, plants, animals, insects, birds, amphibians and creatures in the water are at risks, so all these elements may be dealt seriously and should be discouraged.