Conflicts seem to arise throughout the life cycle of the construction project and in result, these may lead to several other issues such as project cost overrun, time overrun, productivity loss, loss of profit and above all damage of business relationships in general and specifically in construction industry. Hence, this paper focuses on various direct and indirect causes leading to conflicts in construction industry of Sindh, Pakistan. Detailed literature review and interviews have been carried out to identify several direct and indirect causes of conflicts and finally, a set of questionnaire has been designed and distributed to get expert opinion on the significance of these causes in this sector. The data has been analyzed by RIW (Relative Importance Weight) method. The outcome of this study shows that payment delay is the major direct cause of conflicts in the construction projects followed by contractual claims, public interruption, poor communication and site conditions. Thus, it is suggested that proper attention should be given to the above mentioned concerns so as to have a uniform flow of construction project life cycle without any interruption.