Miscellaneous node transmission ranges builds up Wireless Heterogeneous Sensor Networks (WHSNs). Designing an efficient, reliable and scalable routing protocol for WHSNs with intermittent asymmetric links is a challenging task. In this paper, we propose an efficient power aware routing scheme for WHSNs, which can provide loop-free, stateless, source-to-sink routing scheme without using prior information about neighbor. It uses both symmetric and asymmetric links to forward data from source to sink. The source node broadcasts location information to all its neighbor nodes. Each neighbor node calculates a delay slot based on the information obtained from the source to forward its power value to it. The node that has a minimum delay slot forwards the power earlier than the other nodes during contention phase and the delay slot is used to suppress the selection of unsuitable low-power nodes at that time. We also prove that our protocol is loop-free assuming no failures in greedy forwarding. By simulations we show that our protocol significantly outperforms the existing protocols in WHSNs.