The field of Tafseer is an important branch of Islamic Studies. It explains the words of Allah according to human capacity. The Holy prophet (SAW) was the first Mufasir of the Holy Quran. His companion got this knowledge from the Holy Prophet (SAW) and spread it. In the later times many mufasireen wrote the commentries of the Holy Quran. Allama Aalosi is one of these prominent Mufasireen. He was at a time a great scholar of Quran, Hadith, fiqh and Arabic Language and Literature. He is quoted by many of his successors. His Tafseer is famous with the name of "Tafseere Aaloosi". The writer explains the Holy Quran in his own way. He explains the verses of the Holy Quran by Quran. Then he explains them by the Hadith of the Holy Prophet and then with the sayings of the companions. He explains each and every verse with the help of Arabic Grammar. He analysis these verses and explains the jurisprudence where ever necessary. This article explains how he works with the help of his own methodology.