Quality of school education largely depends on the quality of teacher’s education. Teacher education in Pakistan at school level has been mostly criticized for excessive quantitative expansion and poor quality. This research study was designed to assess the effect of the quality of teacher education on the academic achievement of students at school level. In this research teacher education and student achievement are the study variables. The questionnaire was designed for data collection with 50 multiple choice questions related to the problems of subjects Mathematics and English of 8th level of school education. Two-stage sampling was used to select the sample. At first stage 10 primary school randomly located in urban area of district Rawalpindi, Pakistan was selected. At second stage three hundred students selected at random who participated in this study. Post-stratification sampling technique was used here to make three strata of the sample according to three levels of teacher’s education. Hundred minutes were to the students to answer the 50 multiple choice questions related to the Mathematics and English of 5th level of school education. The data was compiled and analyzed through analysis of variance and Tukey’s multiple comparison tests. The great impotence of professional qualification was concluded in this study for the high academic achievement of the student.