The study of old age problems is an emerging field in Pakistan. Old age brings variety of problems for both males and females, however, the nature of the problems of elderly men and women are different. This paper compares and analyses the problems faced by elderly men and women. This research study has been conducted in the semi urban town of Timergara, the head quarter of District Dir Lower, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Data was collected from the respondents aged 60 years and above through in-depth interviews. The respondents were selected using convenient sampling technique. The study finds that because of gender discrimination and cultural factors, women have lower access to health services than men. Consequently health problems of elderly women are more severe than the health problems of elderly men. The study further finds that women at old age are poorer than men due to cultural restrictions on education, women employment, deprivation from property inheritance. Lack of old age pension and widowhood also plays role in poverty of elderly women.