The 2018 nuclear review of the United States would enhance arms race and provide greater leverage to battlefield of nuclear warheads while giving boost to application of tactical nuclear weapons, which historically NATO had inducted during the Cold War period against the former Soviet Union. Furthermore, American political and military leadership in its 2018 NPR has considered the dynamics of ‘lowered nuclear threshold’ which earlier in the 2010 Obama NPR revolved around ‘increased nuclear threshold’. This happened due to undeclared Russian induction of tactical nuclear warheads in any possible war theatre with NATO at the European battlefield. Also, US acceptance of the lowered threshold would ignite a new wave of political orchestration around the globe particularly imposing political maneuvers against China and Russia including nations imposing strict protocols against US non-kinetic interventions. This research makes the point that possibility of war is possible under the new nuclear posture, which would be limited in scope and controlled in actions. Serious nations around the globe had already started non-kinetic war-gamming to evaluate the US doctrine and how it helps Washington to politically craft the environment in the regions such as South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East, and states compiling pro-Russian Eastern Europe. The findings of this study are based on deductive approach with hypothetical premises mentioned above.