The "Bah" is the second bilabial alphabetical figure of Arabic language. It is an important, rich and meaningful Letter in Arabic texts according to the context. It is one of the Arabic prepositions. The main function of this letter is "Jir" to the next Noun or pronouns. There are different aspects and meaning of "BAH" in Arabic language, especially in the Quranic text, where the earlier scholar has discussed these meanings. Many scholars have written the books to explore the usages of letters with reference to context, and discussed the aspects of the Arabic alphabets, where the "BAH-Ul- ASSLIA" / //has been الب divided in to the different kinds with explanation. So my work will discuss the all those aspects and kinds of "BAH-UASSLIAH” research paper aims to elaborate all the kinds of the subject alphabet and to explain it with reference to the Quranic verses. The paper being an analytical study also provides the various examples form the Holy Quran which will be an informative endeavour.